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Coaching And Training Programs

Coach: Donna Ferguson Equine Canada Competitions Coach Specialist

It is my ultimate goal to prepare my students and their horses to succeed in competition, through extensive planning and the development of a long term training plans for each of my students and horses.

Programs for riders not interested in competition are also available. The emphasis is placed on skill development, and becoming a strong rider while enjoying the environment of a friendly barn and time spent with horses.


Horsemanship is paramount in all programs as is safety.

Tailwind Equestrian Lesson / Coaching Packages

Bronze Training Program

      This plan includes 1 lesson a week or 4 lessons a month.

Silver Training Program

      This plan includes 2 lessons a week or 8 lessons a month.

Gold Training Program

       This plan includes 3 lessons a week or 12 lessons a month.

Platinum Training Program

This plan includes a minimum of four lessons a week or 16 lessons a month as well as all lessons available on weekends that Donna is coaching.


Donna has over thirty years experience coaching. Specializing in hunter/jumpers with a strong background in dressage. Horsemanship is paramount to all of Donna's programs and resonates throughout. Donna's resume boasts countless show ring successes and provincial awards. She enjoys helping equestrians of all levels reach their equine goals.

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