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School Horse Visitations

I know that everyone is missing the horses terribly at this time.


I have been listening closely to government recommendations as well as the recommendations of the Alberta Equestrian Federation, Equine Canada and of my insurance company.


Although Tailwind Equestrian remains closed, I will be implementing a visitation schedule for school horse clients.

Visitation Protocols

  • School Horse Visitation is an outdoor only experience.

  • Please do not enter the barn.

  • Please come with one family member only. No extra people or friends.

  • When visiting the school horses please come at your scheduled appointment time only and stay only as long as you appointment time allows.

  • Only come to visit during your appointment time.

  • Park at the west end of the arena beside the trash bin and walk into the lean from the west end of the building.

  • If there is a car parked in the designated area please wait in your car until the previous visitor leaves.

  • You may enter the horses' pens to visit and groom. Be sure to close the gates behind you to ensure no escapees.

  • You may take blankets off to groom. Please put them back on after your visit.

  • Please take your brushes home with you and bring them back each visit. I will be placing the brushes in the lean near the jump storage.

  • Feel free to bring treats for the horses. They would love that.

  • Do not take the horses out of their pens. They are getting group turn out in the arena everyday for exercise.

  • Absolutely no riding. Sorry. I'm not insured at this time.

  • If you or anyone you have been in contact with is not feeling well you MUST stay away from the barn for 14 days from exposure or from your first symptom free day.

  • If you happen to encounter another Tailwindian during your visit please observe social distancing guidelines.

  • Alberta Equestrian Federation memberships must be current at this time in order to book a visitation.

  • Click below to book your time. Please indicate how many times each week you would like to come as well as the best times for your visit. I will try my best to accommodate you.

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