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Sponsor A Tailwind Equestrian School Horse

During this unprecedented time of world pandemic, Tailwind Equestrian has closed its doors to business to comply with the strong recommendations of the Alberta Equestrian Federation, Equine Canada and the Alberta government.

With no income from riding programs the financial future of Tailwind Equestrian is in question. Monthly expenses to feed and care for the beloved horses of Tailwind Equestrian will continue regardless of the COVID-19 situation.

At this time Tailwind Equestrian is asking for your help. Would you please consider sponsoring a Tailwind Equestrian school horse to help cover their monthly expenses.

Your generous sponsorship will ensure that these fantastic horses will be in good health and will be ready to pick up their duties as school horses as soon as this situation is over. Each monthly sponsor will receive video and photo updates from your horse to help you stay in touch while the barn is closed.

It is unclear how long the closure of the barn will be necessary. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

My sincerest gratitude,

Donna Ferguson.

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