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 Day Camps

Tailwind Equestrian is excited to announce our 2019 schedule of instructional day camps.


Our day camps are curriculum based. We use the Equine Canada P'Tit Trot Program for our Beginner Horsemanship Camps and the Equine Canada Rider Levels for our skills camps.

All of our instructors and coaches are Equine Canada Certified and insured.

Please check back frequently for the 2020 Day Camp schedule

Beginner Horsemanship

Day Camps

Instructor: Donna Ferguson

Ages: 7 years and older

Curriculum: Equine Canada P’Tit Trot Program

What is P’tit Trot?

P’tit Trot is an exciting program for children ages 7 years old and up, who love horses and want to learn more about the equestrian world. The English P’tit Trot programs are devoted solely to the initiation of equitation and general horsemanship, allowing children to discover the pleasures riding as well as developing proper knowledge on how to care for the horse.

The P’tit Trot book is lavishly illustrated throughout and introduces familiar characters for the children to follow and relate to. Each book is divided into 4 chapters – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with each chapter building on the previous skill set. At the end of each chapter children can expect to find a series of fun activities testing them on what they learned for that chapter.


This program offers a fun way to discover the wonderful world of horses. It contributes to acquiring various motor and technical skills and encourages children to be physically active, and acquire confidence & self-esteem as they progress through the program. Additionally, this program falls into the “Fundamentals” stage of the Long Term Equestrian Development model.

Cost: $350 + GST, includes the use of the horse and it's tack, and all materials including manuals and other educational items.

Payment in full at time of registration. Registration form and rider release form must be completed. 

Click below for Registration Form. Email Completed registration form to

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Skills Day Camps

Instructor : Donna Ferguson

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This day camp is designed for Level 1 and 2 riders. The goal is to prepare participants to compete in the Tailwind Equestrian Coulee Classic Horse Show on the last day of the camp, Saturday July 13th. As such, the schedule and cost are different than other Tailwind Equestrian Day Camps. The schedule is as follows;

Monday, July 8th thru Wednesday, July 10th 9:00am to noon, Thursday, July 11th 9:00am to 4:00pm, Friday 9:00 am to noon, Saturday July 13th, time to be determined.

This camp will focus on all aspects of horse show preparation. Participants will learn the basics of riding a course of poles on the ground and / or jumps, if they are prepared. On Thursday, participants will help with the preparation of the show ring. This experience will teach participants the very beginnings of course design, safe jump building, and course walking. They will also be given the opportunity to practice on the course when it is completed. On Friday campers will prepare the horses for the horse show including bathing and braiding their horse. Saturday is competition day! Participants will be entered in an appropriate division and will compete in the Tailwind Equestrian Coulee Classic. This day may start very early, as horse shows tend to be an all day affair.

In order to register, riders must be riding at an Equine Canada Rider Level One or Two. Rider evaluations are available prior to registering at the cost of $50 + GST.

Cost $460 + GST. This cost includes all materials and educational items, as well as entries to the Tailwind Equestrian Coulee Classic Horse Show.

Payment in full at time of registration. Registration form and rider release form must be completed. 


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